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U.P.K.L. has been present on the market since 2014 and it issued in Italy there are more than 300
professional qualifications.
So please take this example as testimony from the our we correct approach to the market.

Institutional story
U.P.K.L. was established on 30 October 2013 in Brussels.
It is recognized as an international non-profit association by the Belgian Ministry of Justice on 15
January 2014 by decree WL 22/16394.
It is accepted as an observer member of the E.U. XG HEPA Commission on 13 October 2014.
U.P.K.L. signs the Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Ministry of Education on March
31, 2016 for the HEPA Recommendation to become operational in Italy.
In 2019 in Italy U.P.K.L. hands over to the Municipalities of Giardini Naxos and Ospitaletto the
European plaque of cities for human rights education through sport.
In the year 2019 U.P.K.L. in Germany opened the National Committee to start institutional
In the year 2019 in the United Kingdom U.P.K.L. signs the partnership with British Global Kapap
to develop operations in the sports sector.
UPKL targets in the Wales
the aim is to launch institutional operations and release of the proposed qualifications and

The elements of originality and innovation
The originality of the UPKL titles and the qualification are:

1) International Social Sport Coach and European Social Sport Coach Level NVQ 5 - EQF 6
they are professionals in the teaching of human rights through sport.
These titles, as suggested by the WHO guidelines and the HEPA Recommendation (the HEPA
Recommendation is valid in the European Union and UPKL promote it through a European social
sports coach) develop highly qualified skills to support the activities of sports gyms.

2) Coach Level NVQ 1 - EQF 3
Activity profile
The Level Ith qualification allows you to carry out training and technical activities under the
supervision of a higher level instructor.
This qualification does not qualify you as a sports and educational operator, but it is essential to
access higher certifications

3) Instructor Level NVQ 2 - EQF 4
Activity profile
It is the qualification that allows the technician to have full operational autonomy.
The instructor of this level can independently operate and plan activities with athletes and
participants of all ages, including agonists. With agonists it works at an amateur level
for the preparation of medium level competitions. Can carry out supervision and coordination tasks
of the 1st level coach.

4) Master Level NVQ 3 - EQF 5
Activity profile
It is the qualification that allows the Master to work with the best athletes at a competitive level and / or with maximum practical experience. It operates at significant levels of complexity, also taking care of the long-term program of activities related to training,
teaching and competition for highly qualified athletes and teams capable of competing up to the highest national and international levels.
Coordinate the work of other first and second level coaches.

Other opportunity

In the professions sector UPKL issues the following qualifications

1) Eudynamics specialist Level NVQ 5 - EQF 6
The Specialist in Eudynamics operates in multiple specific contexts:
By way of example and not limited to: Didactic, Sports, Training, Educational, Psychological, Motivational, Research, Health and well-being of humans and animals
Depending on the size of the company in which the Specialist in Eudynamics works, he can operate full or part time, as an employee or freelancer, taking advantage of the contracts provided for by European legislation. The Eudynamics Specialist
generally enjoys autonomy in determining the means and tools in organizing his work in compliance with the protocol and modus operandi relating to the professional figure of the Eudynamics Specialist.
In different contexts, he can work closely with other technicians
and professionals, in which case he cooperates in compliance with the roles and interacts in order to contribute to the optimization of the use of the tools and professional figures deployed in the individual case to achieve the best possible result, as required by EU legislation.
In addition, the Eudynamics Specialist in is employed alongside those who develop specific and / or experimental projects in close collaboration with the Scientific Coordinators. Their role is aimed at achieving the objectives communicated to.

2) Real estate evaluator expert Level NVQ 5 - EQF 6
It appraiser operates in the context of the real estate market and is a freelancer who provides two levels of service, corresponding to the certifications that enable the function:

• Level 5.1
Valuation of properties that involve estimation methods by which it is possible to calculate the value by means of a market comparison (excluding the criteria applicable to mass estimates), direct capitalization or the cost criterion.

• Level 5.2
Evaluation of all types of real estate also using complex financial methods, such as financial capitalization and discounted cash flow

All these certificates are issued by UPKL which is recognized as an International Association which operates in compliance with international law.

if you are the general manager of a circuit of martial arts gyms
If you are the general manager of a martial arts academy that works in the field of instructor training
If you believe in educating people through martial arts
If you want, grow your business! Answer UPKL Call and propose your company as a partner of the Training Center.

The selected candidates will receive all the provisions free of charge and will never pay affiliate commissions because UPKL is a European institutional entity.
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