TCP monitoring

All recognized TCP centers are subject to risk-based monitoring whether they deliver regulated or unregulated products. All organizations are subject to annual risk profiling based on their activity and the information we receive during the annual cycle. The level of monitoring of regulated qualifications is particularly strict to ensure the validity of the results and maintain public trust.

With specific regard to our regulated provision, we carry out compliance monitoring and control interventions through audits by the External Audit Officer. This allows us to be reassured that the delivery of the relevant qualification has been obtained at the end of a correct training cycle and the competences acquired by the student are validated by assessments in line with the criteria established for the award of the qualification. Each assessment and release is monitored, authenticated and approved in accordance with the conditions required for issuing the relevant qualification.

We have a compliance reward system for TCP who are recognized as compliant in delivering our regulated qualifications. Compliant centers are not charged for external quality assurance. However, centers that fail to maintain full compliance and are subject to compliance actions that are pending at the time external auditor intervention is due will be charged for. Similarly, each minor compliance action carries a € 35 handling fee. Any major compliance action associated with a fine will be charged at € 100. Investigations are charged at € 500, which is returned to the TCP recognized if the results are in their favor.