TCP application

We are committed to excellence and quality of service and have high expectations of recognized TCP regarding their service to students.
The U.P.K.L. is available to support applications from potential centers at every stage of the process! This is a free service. We do not charge for applications for recognition of centers.
Our process of applying for the center to become a recognized TCP is the same for those aspiring to offer regulated or unregulated products. To apply for recognized TCP status, we have adopted a fair, impartial and systematic process. The process can take up to six weeks from start to finish and the timing depends on the center's ability to provide evidence to meet our criteria. It is very important that you do not advertise any of our products until you have been successfully granted the status of a recognized TCP.
Before applying for access to our recognition application, you must identify the products you wish to deliver, verify eligibility, and review the detailed application process. To choose a product, go to the Products section of the website and become familiar with the specifications of each product and the approval criteria associated with the product. Please note that we only allow applications for a single product or suite of products in the first instance for risk mitigation purposes.
To ensure eligibility recognized TCP criteria must also be reviewed and understood with which compliance must be demonstrated during the application procedure. The conditions of the center recognized by U.P.K.L. they must therefore be respected upon successful completion of the process.