TCP excellence

We extend the quality system adopted by U.P.K.L. to all Training Center Partners (TCPs) who intend to obtain recognition and issue our relevant qualifications.
The goal of U.P.K.L. it is to foster and guide the culture of didactic-educational excellence in teaching Human Rights through martial arts in order to develop civic sense in citizens. We are committed to best practices in the delivery of our products and have aligned our criteria and conditions of recognized TCP (Training Center Partner ) to an adapted version of the model. Adaptations have been made to prevent unnecessary or overly burdensome requirements.
Our approach supports efficiency while maintaining value-added concepts in order to improve performance, maintain compliance and mitigate risk. Aligning the claims of excellence to our organization's criteria and conditions will drive each recognized TCP (Training Center Partner) success and encourage delivery of each product. This places the student's needs at the center of the activities, as the highest priority and promotes the commitment of the entire supply chain to ensure the achievement of student satisfaction.
Upon annual renewal for each recognized TCP (Training Center Partner) we perform a review of each center's activity profile. Those who have achieved an outstanding compliance and performance profile in accordance with our conditions will receive their annual certificate of excellence.