TCP advantages

There are a number of benefits for organizations aspiring to obtain TCP (Training Center Partner) recognized status - U.P.K.L.

• Distinctive image: a recognized TCP center offers on its market a product of excellence accredited.
the your training will are include in the our quality system and get international compliance to Recommendation HEPA and guideline WHO to release of a professionals qualifications that enables the teaching of martial arts and social education in compliance with the requirements of HEPA recommendations and by internationally renowned bodies.

• Economic: thanks to the recognition of the TCP center, the awarded organization benefits from infrastructures with low investment costs that allow it to maximize revenues.

• Safeguarding and protection of know-how: the accreditation system of the TCP centers protects the know-how of the network and favors the constant improvement of work processes, contributing to the reduction of research and development, production and investment costs in technological infrastructures.

UPKL is a very important stakeholder so the recognition is free as of next items.
• No cost to obtain recognition
• No costs for future extensions of applications to the recognized center
• No costs for external quality assurance checks for TCP (Training Center Partner) centers - U.P.K.L.who with high performance compliant with the recognition maintenance requirements.
• No annual renewal fees for high performing centers that meet recognition retention requirements.
• Free support by tutor to adapt to the purpose required to the TCP (Training Center Partner) for the issues of the qualifications issued by U.P.K.L. The support is developed by industry experts.
• Use of the marks of excellence attributed to U.P.K.L.
• Access to our product advice to ensure fitness for purpose and how to keep products accessible to Students.
• Access to our free and standardized sampling policies and tools to facilitate monitoring of Training Center Partner (TCP) activities and compliance with required quality standards.
• Access to the platform to provide all accessible services and products.
• Access to U.P.K.L. made free of charge and standardized for all TCPs (Training Center Partners) in order to guarantee transparency to Users.
• Access to our product proposal process to enable us to meet demand through new products.
• Privileged access to extra U.P.K.L. services for a growth in the structure of the center and its revenues: the TCP centers are the direct beneficiaries of the fallout from the U.P.K.L. developed to support and promote accredited and affiliated professionals. (example European Private Welfare; WuLin Virtual Kwoon). Privileged and non-mandatory access.