Teacher appeal

We strive to ensure fair and impartial service to both potential and registered learners and all our work force. We believe it is important that you have the opportunity to appeal a procedural decision where you believe our decision making process has not been handled ethically and in line with established procedures. All appeals are handled objectively and by people who have no personal interest in the appeal decision. Procedural appeal scenarios a could refer to:
decisions relating to a complaint against the approved center
decisions relating to an appeal against the approved center
decisions relating to a complaint against the contracting organization
eligibility decisions recorded on a product
access decisions by reasonable adjustment
access decisions by special consideration
decisions relating to an allegation concerning a safeguard issue
decisions relating to an allegation of negligence
decisions relating to an allegation of maladministration
decisions relating to a penalty for the Teacher
If you believe you have adequate reasons to appeal, please report it to us within 20 business days of receiving the original decision. We will validate the information and investigate the reasons for the appeal. This is verified and challenged by the governing body for independence purposes. An acknowledgment will be sent within five working days to agree on the reasons for the appeal and to explain the next steps. Alternatively, we will confirm a reason why the grounds for the appeal were not accepted. Potential adverse effects and the scale of the threat are assessed, guiding independent review priorities and any escalations to the regulator or other organization as needed. The grounds on which to base an appeal must have information and / or evidence to contravene and potentially modify the original procedural decision or information and / or evidence to demonstrate that the original decision-making process was not handled in line with the established procedure.
We are committed to maintaining compliance with regulatory conditions and promptly notify the regulatory authority, other contracting organizations and authorities where appropriate, when there is a reason to believe that an event has occurred or is occurring that could have an effect. negative.
We conduct independent reviews and if you remain dissatisfied we refer the matter to an independent panel. If you are not satisfied with the results of our independent group and believe that you have reasons to confirm that we have not followed our established procedure, you can file a complaint with our regulatory institution on Belgium the Ministry of Justice to Union European membership countries or other non-EU institutions. (can you ask to General secretary to know name of the institution then our regulatory for your country). If you complain to the regulator, they ask you to do within twelve months of the action you complain about and that you have completed all stages of the contracting organization's complaint process. But when the matter appears urgent or in the wider public interest, they can choose to review a complaint before the contracting organization's final decision.