Teachers info

We offer learning products and support apprenticeships for professional careers in sport and leisure and in holistic activities for people's well-being.
Our products consist of relevant qualifications, learning experiences and recognition schemes.
Teachers work in recognized TCP centers and are strategic resources for developing students' learning and apprenticeship plan.

All teachers can request the support of the U.P.K.L. to obtain strategic information and visuals for the presentation of specific qualifications to students.

All teachers we want to work with must be registered in Manage TCP System by logging into www.sport-education.eu

We want to ensure excellence for students and we want to work excellently for teachers.

U.P.K.L. philosophy is the quality of excellence thanks to teamwork

If you need advice or want to be accredited in one of our recognized TCP centers, we will help you find it near you. This portal is designed to provide information on our services.

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