Who us



U.P.K.L. is an international association based in Brussels, Observer Member in XG HEPA Commission, and promotes the figure of the International / European Social Sports Coach in compliance with the promotion of Human Rights through Sports and the specialist professionals figure in arts, crafts, professions, and physical activity.

UPKL supports, encourages, and coordinates projects that allow the dissemination and enhancement of Human Rights through the arts, crafts, professions, physical activity, and sports disciplines intended as tools to achieve the goals of social cognitivism in the educational and training pathway of young European citizens. This vision favors and encourages the business development of the professionals with benefit all people living in the community

In concrete terms, U.P.K.L promotes and realizes educational courses aimed at developing and enhancing the neuro-cognitive and social functions together with learning basic and specific disciplines.

The action of U.P.K.L. has been achieved thanks to the recognition of the legal status of AISBL (International Non-Profit Association) issued by the Belgian Ministry of Justice WL22 / 16394 of 15 January 2014.

The scenery

In 2015 U.P.K.L. as an Observer Member in the works of the XG Commission HEPA successfully proposes to include, in the homologous Recommendation to Article 6, the teaching of Human Rights through physical-motor activity and sports disciplines as a cornerstone for the education of young people.

In 2016, the MIUR (Education Italian Ministry) signs the Memorandum of Understanding with the U.P.K.L. initiative that incorporates the European HEPA recommendation and qualifies the European Social Sports Coaches as useful resources to promote social education together with motor activities.

In 2018 the WHO (World Health Organization) presented the guidelines of the program More active people for a Healthier World, a strategy for the growth of the active population and an engine to realize the new European social model.

The operational guidelines from 2018 to 2030 proposed the creation of an Active Company, composed of Environments and Active Systems founded by Active Persons who share the approach to Human Rights as a social catalyst in relationships and behavior among individuals.

Action in the territories

U.P.K.L. has defined in partnership with UESpT (Union Europenne du Sport pour Tous) the quality framework that defines the requirements and skill training standards of the figure of the European Social Sports Coach.

U.P.K.L. in partnership with the Italian Institute of Quality Certifications, defined the standards for issuing the certification that attests to the achievement and quality of the skills achieved and maintained over time by the operators [in arts, crafts, professions, and sport]

The skill training standard of the figure of the International / European Social Sports Coach is a cultural heritage made available to each EU Member State. by signing governmental agreement protocols with the interested entities.

The National Committees authorized by departments UPKL can work to:

1) to promote the development of the figure of the International / European Social Sports Coach in the home state.

2) can you affiliate sports clubs and students of the disciplines attributed to the Department?

3) can you organize seminars, conferences, and technical and educational activities for the discipline in question?

4) Promote the activities of the European Social Sports Coaches at schools and at parents' organizations, to develop the activities of the gyms.

5) promote all UPKL activities declined to arts, crafts, professions, and sports and to sectors deliberate in the statute.

5) The Head of the Committee is obliged to ensure the performance of the activities in compliance with national and international laws.