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Position: UPKL Heads of Committees

The duties of the Committee Heads
The Committee Heads are proposed by the Head of Department and appointed by the Secretary General.
The Committee Heads must fulfill the following tasks.
1. The tasks:
what are the main tasks?
Organize the Committee referred to the matter of competence, according to the structure defined by the UPKL regulation.
2. Draws up, updates and achieves the objectives of the development plans of the Committee assigned to him and is responsible for the quantitative and qualitative results
3. Has decision-making and economic autonomy within the limits of the Committee's financial resources in compliance with costs and revenues, including the allocation of shares to the central administration (UPKL General Management and Department.
4. Organize events to promote UPKL objectives and projects, the communication of each activity must be approved by the Vice President or in his absence by the Secretary General
5. Agree on the appointment of Collaborators with the Head of Department and request their appointment from the Secretary General, who has the task at his discretion of transforming the proposal into an executive resolution.
6. Coordinates and motivates the Collaborators of the Committee to achieve the objectives assigned to him and / or agreed with the Head of Department.
7. In carrying out the activities, the UPKL procedures are followed
8. It takes care of the registration of affiliates and promotes their participation in UPKL initiatives and projects according to the provisions and procedures received from the Head of Department.

Job Hierarchy: How Important Are Individual Jobs?
The tasks are of equal importance, the ideal candidate will therefore be able to manage his own time and organize his business respecting this principle.

Define the objectives: what objectives must the person in charge of the offered position achieve?
The Head of Committee elaborates the annual quantitative and qualitative objectives and presents them to the Head of Department who approves / rejects them or requests modification within 15 days of receipt
The verification of the achievement of the objectives, with the Head of Department, is quarterly.
9. Future developments: is there a possibility that the tasks mentioned will change in the future?
The Head of the Committee for merits acquired in the field can be promoted to Head of Department.

The ideally desired criteria
In order to optimally fill the role, the ideal candidate possesses the following requirements
• Formal requirements:
school / academic training,
He has a degree in pedagogical, humanities or motor science disciplines or a high school diploma.

• It enjoys an excellent national reputation
Has at least 10 years of work experience in managerial positions, preferably in institutional or public employment contexts.
• Specialist requirements:
skills, specific knowledge:
specific knowledge and skills of the Committee's service / product.
knowledge of English or French at B2 level.
Computer skills and good skills in using Office, Joomla, Moodle packages in addition to the use of videoconferencing platforms.
• Social and managerial skills:
The ideal candidate is capable of managing leadership, uses a method of risk analysis and assessment, listens and compares with collaborators, colleagues and superiors to make autonomous decisions required by the role. He manages stress with excellent resilience skills and knows how to create friendly environments with a high level of professionalism.
• Methodical skills:
The ideal candidate is capable of organizing and structuring his or her collaborators' work, thinks strategically by analyzing scenarios, is able to adapt tactics to implement plans by adapting to adverse events or changed operating conditions, has excellent communication skills.
Self-assessment of the candidate with reference to the requisites required
Before sending the CV, the Candidate should process the self-assessment of her profile by attributing the right weight to her skills and competences on a scale of 1 to 6 points; where the values ​​correspond to:
1) "absent requirement"
2) "Requirement to be improved"
3) "Sufficient requirement"
4) "Good requirement"
5) "Excellent requirement"
6) "Absolute strength that distinguishes the CV application".
To answer the self-assessment questions, it can help you weigh the various criteria correctly. For example, ask yourself how necessary a certain requirement really is in order to perform the required tasks optimally. Or evaluate if
• Would the exclusion of a competence or capacity have repercussions on the proper functioning of the Committee, of the Office assigned to you or on the satisfaction of users and collaborators?
• Could colleagues / co-workers compensate for the absence of those skills or deficient skills?
• Which of the skills required could be acquired later with ease and which with difficulty (for example through work experience or with specific training)?
• Are you willing to take the time to optimally learn / develop the skills you lack?

If you want to apply please send your CV with cover letter and expression of interest to the position complete with contact references
mailto This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.