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Union of Professionals Ki Life aisbl
1000 Brussels - 4 rue de la presse
mobile +39.3933617816

Email: sg@europe-upkl.eu
Skype: corradogenova

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Promo video sector Sport and Real estate
See video to promo of the real estate expert Sir Alessio Biella
When you buy a house ask the certification of price recognized by IICQ the best brand of the quality system
See video to promo of the real estate expert Sir Massimiliano Rifafldi
Promo country dance by a italian Gym
Promo of the International / European Social Sport Coach program. If you are a sport instructor ask at our consultants as get the institutional recognize conformed by HEPA Reccomandation and WHO guideline
Promo of the italian BU-SEN ancient and prestigious gym. The historic temple of italian Judo at Milan (Bresso)

Clients testimonials


Congratulations to UPKL and your outstanding dedication, tenacity and work in proposing that human rights be taught through physical education as set out in the HEPA Recommendation of the Physical Education Curricular Content marks a significant leap forward to teaching our youth respect. While sport naturally promotes sportsmanship it also serves as a valuable medium for teaching human rights as your initiative clearly embraces. The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace. Thanks to UPKL for potentially bringing the Universal Declaration to hundreds of millions of students in Europe. Congratulations! Sincerely,

Mary Shuttleworth, // President Youth for Human Rights International



Meet our Team

to elaboration your ideal project in the areas
Sport, Profession, Arts and Crafts


U.I.K.W.A. Head Department of Wushu and Kung Fu

Ask details on Sport and specific events to chinese martial arts


Corrado Genova

General Secretary

Ask details on projects and programs of the Sport, Professions, Arts and Crafts


Jessica Genova

Human Rights Head Department

Ask details on UPKL projects and programs to develop Human Rights and collaboration with NGO recognized


Sergio Meda

Vice President

Ask UPKL details at the Head institutional public relations


Corrado Genova (interim)

U.I.JJ.A Head Department of Ju Jitsu

Ask details on Sport and specific events to Ju Jitsu martial arts


Aldo Piatti

Sport - education scientific program UPKL

Ask details on Sport-education program and Training job to International / European Social Sport Coach


Giorgio Bortolin

U.I.K.A. Head Department of Karate

Ask details on Sport and specific events to Karate


Claudio Parmelli

U.I.S.D.S.A. Head Department of the Self Defense Systems

Ask details specific events to Krav Maga and Kapap


Davide Allevi

Advsior of the Council

IEAD Officer


Alessandro Felloni

President IICQ - FIODA - VERITAS and President UPKL

Ask details on projects and programs of the Certificates of the Quality


Francesco Bonometti

Founder UPKL

Advisor and Municipally Project Manager


Andrea Gatti

Advisor and Special Project Manager and IEAD

Dott. Angela Gentile

Eudynamics Head Department

Shi Yan Hui (Junhui Zhang)

Shaolin committee head

Diego Ceriani

Wing Chun Italian National Committee Head

Strategic sector

In every content find the activities of strategic area
Real estate - Eudinamica - Sport - Formation of the skill and Quality Certifications